If a 'concept album' is a collection of tunes that have one continuous story...

Then the Instrumental Wisdom is a 'concept SONG' that has a whole album in one continuous tune. 

In the era of the 15-second attention span, I decided to put my faith in the human imagination and do the exact opposite- record the longest song possible. Using zero samples, and having composed ALL background music, I aspired to create a "Bohemian Rhapsody" for today's generation.

To inspire intelligent creativity and get kids excited about playing instruments again, which is so beneficial to their mental health. And SO needed right now.

The Loneliest Minds of New Kind is a movement.

For the artistically fearless, rule-breaking, role models of hip, who are sick of repetitive hi-hats, disposable songs, and debased culture. To lead the way for the writing of revolutionary songs again. To make insanely ORIGINAL music and thought trendy again.

Do you want to live in a world where there will never be another Prince, Beatles, Bowie... because everything is incentivized to sound-alike, be synthesized, and now... AI generated???

Me neither.

There is also a full-length "Instrumental Wisdom" movie script that will forever change the way the world sees and hears INSTRUMENTS. Imagine 'Harry Potter' but instead of magic, it's a fantastical world of music. And instead of being voiced by familiar actors, it's voiced by iconic musicians. Call me, babe... we'll do lunch...

Just sayin'...



Zack Davis- guitar, bass, piano, banjo, glockenspiel, accordion, harmonica, cello, violin, autoharp, steel drum, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, flute, tin whistle, pump organ, Nagoya harp, handpan, didgeridoo, sitar, all programming.

Seth Lynn- harp

Andy Kravitz- drums

Teresa Eichinger- heartistic bowl

Vocals- Zack Davis, Jake Swartzlender, Tiki Lewis, Semajiya Koran, Savannah Green, DHUG Smith.

Jazz band in the background- The Venice Roasters (Matt DeMerrit- tenor saxophone, Vinnie Caggiano- guitar, Zack Davis-bass)

Mixed by- Dan Sitar

Recorded by- Dan Sitar, Andy Kravitz, Blake English

Artwork by- Zack Davis, Mike Steele, DHUG Smith, Vic Wanchana

Shout out to the OG music transformer himself, the truly pioneering and mighty, Thelonious Monk, for the inspiration!

also by Zack Davis, "END Nature" is the tale of a single-use bag who is determined to destroy all life on earth by unifying a plastic army. It will forever change the way the world views pollution.

The Loneliest Minds of New Kind

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